Defender's Guide to Science and Creationism
Assertion: No one has ever seen one species arise from another.

Mark I. Vuletic

Last updated 21 March 2008


(i) Note that the young-earth creationist organization Answers in Genesis has completely disavowed this argument.

(ii) One unusual recent case

(iii) ERRATUM: Since the inception of this guide, I have offered Weinberg et al. (1992) as my primary case example of observed speciation. The paper reports what was thought to be the rapid speciation of Nereis acuminata within the laboratory. However, a reader recently pointed out to me that the conclusions of the paper were overturned by a later paper co-authored by Weinberg (Rodríguez-Trelles et al. 1996). My thanks go out to the reader for helping to ensure the accuracy of this guide, and my apologies go out to everyone else.

Given that even organizations like AiG accept speciation, the failure of this example may seem moot, but still must be noted here since I have used it for such a long time. I will try to put together more information on speciation here, but in the meantime, I refer everyone to the TalkOrigins article Observed Instances of Speciation (however, be aware that the TalkOrigins article also cites Weinberg et al. 1992 at the moment).


Rodríguez-Trelles F, Weinberg JR, and Ayala FJ. 1996. Presumptive rapid speciation after a founder event in a laboratory population of Nereis: allozyme electrophoretic evidence does not support the hypothesis. Evolution 50(1):457-461.

Weinberg JR, Starczak VR, and Jorg D. 1992. Evidence for rapid speciation following a founder event in the laboratory. Evolution 46(4):1214-1220.

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